Windows Installation

version 1.1.8

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Download the self-extracting Crack Attack! for Windows Installer here.


  1. Download the Crack Attack! Installer.
  2. Run the downloaded file, which will be named CAInstaller.exe.
  3. Find Crack Attack! in your Start menu or on your Desktop and click to play!

Trouble Shooting

  1. If your OpenGL graphics card drivers are not up to date, that may cause problems. Check your graphics card manufacturer's web site for updates. Older versions of the ATI Rage drivers actually cause Crack Attack! to crash. The latest versions do not.
  2. If Crack Attack! gives you an error because you are missing MSVBVM60.DLL, you will have to download it: MSVBVM60.ZIP. UnZip the file into your system folder. This folder could have any number of names, depending upon the version of Windows you're using. The name will be something along the lines of WinNT\System or Win98\System32. Once MSVBVM60.DLL is in the correct folder, Crack Attack! will run fine.
  3. Something went wrong? Let me know! It's probably my fault. I don't have access to a particularly diverse set of machines, so I need your input.

Starting a Game

Crack Attack! can be played both online against an opponent or offline on your own. It runs in one of three modes: client or server mode for two player online play and solo mode for offline play. To play an online game, one player must act as the server, while the second player must connect to that server as a client.

If normal graphics mode is too much for your computer to handle, switch to low quality graphics mode. The game will play smoother and the controls will be more responsive.

When entering your name, the tilde (~) acts as an escape character, with the following escape sequences available.


Step forward half a space.


Step backward half a space.

~0 | ~1 | ~2 | ~3 | ~4 | ~5 | ~6 | ~7 | ~8 | ~9

Switch colors. The default color is 0.


Just a tilde.

Game Play

Return to the main page for game play instructions.

Source Code

If you are interested in the source code, download the Linux tarball. The source code compiles under both Linux and Windows, and will run from the DOS shell using the command-line options described in the Linux Download and Installation page. Winzip can be used to unpack the tarball. Contact me if you are having trouble setting up the proper project environment under which to compile Crack Attack!.